This Brother Label maker puts an emphasis on making control easier and establishing a respectable user interface. They’ve clearly succeeded in their plans, which is obvious when you look at the combination of a small, almost phone-like size and a full-colour screen with excellent resolution.

There’s absolutely no way you could disregard such a fair price and the new and improved PC connection availability. Not only are you able to print up to seven lines of text, but you can also import any possible graphic from your computer.  We’ve tested it over and over again, and there hasn’t been a single faulty print from this handheld label making wonder.

Combine the excellent quality of printing with the superfast printing speed and you can clearly see why both users and critics respect Brother label makers so much. The device comes with a spare charger and USB cables for any PC or laptop device around.

This is one of the rare cases where the manufacturer successfully combined an economic price with excellent quality to come out with one of the best label makers.

Brother Printer PTD600 PC Connectible Label Maker

Things you will like most: 

  • It’s able to connect to any device and iOS, including Windows, any form of Linux and Mac
  • Tapes are durable and easily peeled, you can replace them easily and conveniently
  • Tapes are widely available and you can even order one with custom width and thickness measurements
  • Custom software for stand-alone design is available