With this groundbreaking model, Brother surely solidified themselves as one of the premier label maker producers for all areas of work. Although the price might seem a little higher to some, the benefits are numerous and we were honestly quite baffled with some.

A built in Wi-Fi allows this label maker be completely independent of any PC and print whatever graphic or text you want, all through the simple process of connecting with a tablet or mobile phone device. The Serial interface is also a good addition, as it provides users with lots of memory and options to connect the label maker with a scanner. This array of customisation and adaptation makes those 600 x 300 dpi label durable and graphically intact.

Another welcome addition is the custom label cutter that you can set to any size needed at the moment. The price is worth it when you count in the fact that the QL-720NW runs on thermal printing, thus removing the need for ink or toner. A serious piece like this is a wise investment that will provide you with years of efficient printing. This is surely one of the best label makers in the last decade.

Brother QL-720NW Professional, High-speed Label Printer

Things you will like most:

  • Compatible with any software or hardware setup
  • Free apps for iOS and Android are available
  • Tape rolls are long and don’t have to be changed often
  • Very fast and able to print up to 93 labels in one minute