Epson really went small with this one, shrinking it as much as they could – to 14 ounces (400gms). The emphasis here is obviously on work and printing done independent of a PC or office environment.  In fact, it’s similar to the previously mentioned LW-400 model. In comparison to its counterpart, it provides users with more battery life and a wider array of fonts and customisation options.

The variety of 14 fonts and 300+ built-in symbols, all within a QWERTY keyboard makes it ideal for industrial and home environments.  What it lacks in printing speed, the LW-300 makes up for in a split back on labels, making peeling and separating much easier and fast. Frames are also an important addition, all 75 of them. We also tested its performance under pressure, it didn’t crack or overheat during intense tasks or when handling massive amounts of data.

It’s also important that this Epson label maker isn’t touted as a high performance beast for mass production. Beginners will benefit much from it, as it combines great customisation, tape saving and a very reasonable price.

Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Label Maker

Things you will like most:

  • Combines a cheap price with awesome functions
  • Very easy to use and master
  • A useful joystick makes navigation on the menu much easier
  • Ideal shape that fits in palms of all sizes